We’ve all felt it – that delicious blast of ice-cold air conditioning on a hot day.

Air conditioning is a necessity in many parts of the country, and experiencing a broken air conditioner is something homeowners dread.

As temperatures start to rise in the spring, calls for air conditioner repairs and replacements become common. Insight Mechanical’s team of experts is here to help you stay cool!

Insight Mechanical is proud to offer these cooling services:

  • Cooling system selection and installation
  • Cooling system repair and maintenance including:
    • Ductless mini-splits
    • Forced air
    • Radiant cooling


Having trouble with your air conditioning unit? Give us a call, and we’ll come out and carefully assess the problem. We’ll get to the root of the issue and explain which solutions might be available. No matter what, a visit from one of our team members will get you back on track to cool, comfortable air!

If you know that your cooling system is due for an upgrade, we offer a variety of systems to meet your home’s needs and budget. A consultation with one of our experts will have you confidently choosing a system that is right for you. We’ll take care of installing your unit and you’ll be left to enjoy the bliss of air conditioning.

Along with your heating system, we recommend a yearly service visit to keep your cooling system running smoothly and efficiently. Consistent maintenance is the best way to avoid the frustration of a broken air conditioner! Don’t suffer in the heat, call us today at 505-469-1421.

We service Santa Fe, New Mexico and the surrounding areas Monday-Friday.

Call 505.469.1421 for all of your heating and cooling needs.