Stay SafeWith the threat of COVID-19 upon us, we are taking measures to protect our employees and clients. We will be asking all of you to help keep our communities and families safe during this time.

All of our employees will take steps to keep their tools, trucks, and workplaces sanitized, including frequent hand washing, daily disinfecting of all of our hand tools, wiping down our trucks and of course, staying home if not feeling well or showing any signs of sickness.

Also while we are in your home we ask that a distance of 6 ft. is maintained between our technicians and your household members; please allow us ample space to perform our work. It is possible for us to bring a bleach dilution to sanitize the door knobs and equipment we will be working on.

Insight Mechanical would like to be able to continue safely providing the quality services you need and expect.  We ask for your help with this process. At the time of scheduling, it is imperative that we know if anyone in your household has been traveling in the last month and also if anyone is or has recently been ill.

We sincerely aim for your maintained good health and ours.  If you have a need for service, call us; we are here to provide service to our clients in need.

Scott Sweeney
Insight Mechanical